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    Equinox Five is a leading Consulting and Professional Services group. We focus primarily on businesses that support and enable other companies to manage not only their internal customers but their external customers as well. We help businesses manage their cash flow while improving their operations. Everything from technology consulting, telecommunication services, merchant services and business brokering are delivered through our subsidiary companies. We look forward to serving you.

  • Looking for affordable voice & data solutions designed specifically for your business:
    Business Lines – handle all of your routine business telecommunications.
    Long Distance – control costs and connect with customers and suppliers across the country and around the world.
    Internet Connectivity – broadband, high-speed Internet for a fast, reliable connection.
    Private IP Networks – secure networks via MPLS, Frame Relay, VPN and point-to-point.

  • Run your business more effectively with our technology solutions:
    Cloud Services – centralize your applications & data in a protected place.
    Disaster Recovery – ensure your data is backed up and ready in an emergency.
    Managed Router/Firewall – dedicated support for your business 24x7.
    Hosted PBX – high-end business voice services through the Internet.
    Video Conferencing – virtual meetings from anywhere with any device.

  • One of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce communication costs and control your voice, data, cloud and network-based budgets. Our FREE consultation includes:
    Planning & Design – identify your goals & requirements.
    Supplier Selection – evaluate your current communication providers.
    Contracting & SLA’s – establish contracts and SLA’s for performance requirements.
    Performance Monitoring – implement communication process.
    Project Management – we’ll manage the entire project for you.

  • Our Account Management White Label program includes the following benefits:
    Free Account Team – our Account Management team sells for you.
    100% Costs Covered – there is absolutely ZERO cost to you.
    We Handle Contracts – we handle all calls, installs and support.
    We Lift Your Brand – we respond to clients under your brand.
    More Income for You – you receive income every month.

  • Our M&A division represents clients with passionate focus whether you are buying, selling or investing.
    • Identifying synergies and economies of scale for acquirers and sellers to determine true client value.
    • Identifying business units for spinoffs.
    • Identifying target companies for your client’s plans.
    • Assistance with tender offers.
    • Platform based consulting on active deals.


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